• Hello Juniors and Sophomores!

    The morning announcements about PSAT pertains to you. At this point of your high school experience, you have earned a G.P.A. that calls for you to start planning for college, and the PSAT is great way to start preparing. You should take advantage of the PSAT as an indicator to see where you are at getting ready for college entrance exams.

    What is the PSAT?

    The Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test

    Measures critical thinking skills that are important for success in college!
    Such as…

    · Math problem-solving

    · Critical reading

    · Writing skills
    Why Should I Take the PSAT?

    It will allow you to…

    Practice and prepare for taking the SAT

    Can predict how well you will score on the SAT

    Seek information from colleges

    Juniors can qualify for National Merit Scholarship and the National Hispanic Scholar Recognition.

    Initiate the college-planning process

    Registration Deadline
    September 30, 2014

    The Process

    1. Go to the bookstore and pay $14.00.
    2. Ask for a receipt.
    3. Go to Mr. López’s office with your receipt.
    4. Ask Mr. López for a ticket for the PSAT.
    5. Mr. López will give you a ticket with a number.
    6. Mr. López will give a practice study guide and practice test to use as a reference.
    7. You should attend Saturday school for practice and fall break classes.
    8. October 18th take the test.

    Mario E. López

    Counselor Maryvale H.S.