• AZCIS Survey Assignments 
    Log into your AZCIS Profile before beginning the assessments so that it will save your results. If you do not remember how, or need to create a new profile, click here for Directions for accessing and setting up your profile on AZCIS 

    Assessments Assignment Directions

    Complete all of the following assessments: (mouse over the assessments tab on the AZCIS web page in the navigation bar to find these)

    • Career Cluster Inventory  (Reflect on score if completed last year)
    • Interest Profiler (there are 180 items to rank so don’t spend a lot of time thinking about each item, just mark what comes to mind and move on) – This gives broad categories of work that your interests indicate you might enjoy/be good at.
    • Work Importance Locator (Can be done completely electronically, but can look at all of the statements and even print them from PDF available on page with directions) – Gives you score and jobs that are good fit for you based on your values/priorities.
    • Learning Styles Survey (PDF, complete and save to H Drive) – More information on how you think and learn
    • Employability Skills Survey (PDF, complete and Save to H Drive) – Instead of indicating jobs that are a good fit for you, this survey helps you assess how ready you are to enter the workforce based on the personal/workplace skills that you need in whichever career you choose.

    You need to reflect on each of the above assessments. Do this as directed by your teacher. The directions below are if your teacher tells you to reflect on your blog

    Blog entry reflection option directions: Write on your MCC blog a separate entry for each of the assessments.

    • Describe what the system reported to you based on your answers,
    • If you agree or disagree and why,
    • At least one thing you learned about yourself/was highlighted that you already knew, and why that is significant or stood out to you.

    Optional As time allows:

    SKILLS – Similar to the “Interest Profiler” and “Work Importance Locater” helps you look at yourself and what careers you may be suited for in another way.

    1. Classify your skills – there are 3 ways to do this. Ultimately you will go into the “Select Skills” section and sort the skills that are listed based on your strengths and preferences. You can go directly there and sort if you want (there is a link at the bottom of the page to get definitions/descriptions for the skills). If you are struggling with starting there the “Skills Worksheet” and “Skills Cards” are different activities that can help you sort the skills, you can then take the information back to the “Select Skills” screen and input your information.
    2. Get your results and explore the careers indicated – after you sort your skills you will submit your answers and get results that will lead you to suggested careers, which you can then explore.
    3. Explore careers of interest and see the needed skills by clicking on “Occ Select” – This takes you to look at careers from the other direction. Select careers that are interesting to you and see the skills needed for that career to see what you need to work on, and if that really fits what you want to do.