• Exploring My Interests and Strengths
    Over the course of the first semester you are going to do a series of assignments that require you to look at yourself in different ways. This process may seem repetitive at times, but you will use all of this information to help you make an informed decision about what career path you want to work toward and the process that will help you get to the career you want.
    1.  Metro Career Connections Initial Interest Reflection - Make sure to keep this for reference and reflection later in the year
    2. MCC Personality Type Assignment - This takes you to different sites to begin exploring your personal preferences when it comes to learning and interacting with people and the world.
    3. AZCIS Surveys - Complete a series of surveys through the AZCIS site and reflect on the results that you get.
    4. AZCIS Resumes - Use the AZCIS tools to begin or continue building your resume