Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams
  • Design Online (sponsored by Lemelson-MIT) 

               This is a great site to develop models that have a professional appearance

               Take notes using handouts from class


    Measurment Practice

    Measuring Tutorial Video 

              scroll down to see video Part One then practice the Ruler Game

                                                  Part Two then practice some more

                                                  Part Three then practice some more

    The Ruler Game

             when you have earned 1000 points, call the teacher to verify and award you points... procede to the next level

    FunBrain Measuring Game

    abcya measuring game

    soft schools measuring length


    Isometric Drawing Tutorial   

               Use a straight edge for all lines you draw...

               There will be graph paper and isometric paper available for your use...

               You may insert this in your Engineering Notebook in addition to CAD drawings that you may print and adhere.

               Make sure to include dimensions and scale.


    Vocabulary Practice Games






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