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    If in doubt, DON'T wear it!


    Things to keep in mind:

     At Trevor G. Browne all persons shall wear appropriate clothing that is modest and not disruptive to the educational program.

     Your I.D. is part of your school attire, and you must wear it while you are on campus. Your picture must be visible.

    No tank tops with straps thinner than an ID or driver’s license should be worn without another shirt over it.

    No strapless shirts (even if you have a bra underneath).

    No cleavage showing in shirts/blouses/dresses from any angle.

    No short excessively short dresses, shorts, or skirts (longer than arms-length).

    No bare midriffs or bare sides.  

    No under clothing showing... underwear/ boxers/ bras

    No profanity or inappropriate sayings.

    No hats indoors.


    Violation of dress code policy will result in the following: 

    ·         Student will be asked to make contact with parent/guardian for a change of clothes.

    ·         Students unable to obtain a change of clothes will be sent back to class after being cited.

    ·        Openly defiant students will be sent to Positive Intervention Center (PIC).

    ·         Repeated dress code violations are subject to a referral and further disciplinary action.