• Expectations

    I really appreciate a student who is prepared with their supplies (see below) and is ready to participate in class.  Did you know in the construction world, the more prepared you are the higher your pay when bringing your own tools?  Your boss will see you as a skilled person.  The same can be said as you attain more education and that is our goal for you.


            •Pencil                           Notebook

             •Paper                           •Graph paper

             •Colored pencils            •Highlighters

             •Compass                        •Calculator (not your cell phone, please)

             •Protractor                     Ruler


    Before starting high school, my parents sat me down at the kitchen table and asked about what my plans would be after high school.  I wasn't sure.  So, my father asked if I wanted to go to college, work or go into the military?   When he mentioned college and having no idea what college was, I quickly agreed.  My dad, being a forthright person and an Army veteran who served in the Korean War, said, "Well, your grades in high school will count towards entering a college or university.”  So, Dad, Mom and I agreed on what I would do to have the required grades while they would take care of things on their end.  Reflecting on that day, my parents, my first teachers, were looking out for me by setting future goals.
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