• Cold War
     Open the following link and follow the directions below.

    Cold War Webquest 

    • Click on “Enter the Exhibition
    • Click on the link “Cold War 1945-1989


    •  Read the introduction and Click on “Begin
    • Play the video then select “Enter Exhibit 

    Bolstering Allies:

    How did the U.S. help Western European Countries following WWII?



    Why did the Soviet Union blockade West Berlin?



    How did the U.S respond to the blockade?



     Super Bombs: 

    How does the Cold War become an “arms race”?


    According to the intro video, how did the Soviet Union obtain the scientific information needed to develop and atomic bomb?



    How does President Truman respond to the Soviet acquisition of an atomic bomb?



    How much more powerful than an A-bomb is a thermonuclear (H-bomb) super bomb?


     Missile Race: 

    What is an ICBM? 


    How do they increase Cold War tension?


    Why did President Kennedy order a blockade of Cuba?