• Sample and Suggested MCC Project Journal Topics for Students

    Posted by Deborah ODowd on 4/7/2014 11:10:00 AM
    The MCC Project is well underway.  Some students have written several journal entries already.  They don't need teacher-prepared topics because narrating their research experiences comes naturally.  Or maybe their teacher has discovered GAGGLE and students are learning from reading each others' entries. 

    But for some of us, students and teachers, journaling about research is not natural. 

    "What does (insert teacher's name here) want me to write about?"  To make it easier, here is a POWER POINT w/ examples w/ hyperlinks
    to resources.   (Hyperlinks open when POWER POINT is in full screen mode only).
    1. What inspired you to choose this career?   Take, find or draw a picture to represent your answer to this question and then write about it.
    2. Research Impressions: Thoughts and feelings during research. 
    What was easy to find?  What was difficult?  Give a recommendation to other students: where did you find your best source?
    3. Interview Impressions: Thoughts and feelings during your interviews with people in your career field.
    What was positive?  What was negative?  Did your impression of career change or remain the same?
    4.Salary and Job Market Impressions: Thoughts and feeling about the money you will make if you get a job in the chosen field. In your opinion, is the money fair?  What hours will you have to work?  Are there overtime and bonuses available?Are their jobs in your career field available in your city or state? Will you have to move?
    5. The Future YOU: Imagine your first day at work in your career.  List the things you will you do to prepare for it?  How will you dress?  How will you get there?  Where will it be?  How long will your day be?  With whom will you interact? What will you accomplish?
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