Japanese Internment Web Project



    Proceed to the following website and follow the instructions below.  www.asianamericanmedia.org/jainternment



    Read the introduction on the home page and answer the following questions.



    ·         How many Japanese Americans were interned?





    ·         How many were American citizens?





    Click on the icon on the right which reads, WWII & Roundup.  Read the overview and click on the tab labeled “Next Topic” at the bottom of the page.  On each page answer the following questions then click on “Next Topic” to continue.  Watch the videos as you go by clicking on the link labeled “Quicktime”.



    Pre-War Discrimination:



    ·         Why were Japanese immigrants initially welcomed to the U.S.?





    ·         In what way were Japanese immigrants discriminated against prior to WWII?





    Pearl Harbor and WWII:



    ·         What were Japanese Americans accused of during WWII?





    ·         Were these accusations true or false?





    FBI Raids:



    ·         Why were many of the arrests and raids conducted by the FBI inappropriate?





    ·         What is the term for first-generation Japanese immigrants?





    ·         What is the term for second-generation Japanese immigrants?




    Executive Order 9066:



    ·         Who did Executive Order 9066 target and who did it conspicuously exempt?





    Click on the link labeled “View Map of Military Areas and Camps” and answer the following questions.



    ·         What were the two relocation centers in Arizona?





    ·         Which state contains the most Assembly Centers?





    ·         Where is the Northernmost Relocation Center?





    ·         What kind of facility is in Leupp, AZ?



    Mass Removal:



    ·         How much warning were Japanese Americans given before being relocated?





    ·         According to the video “Unfinished Business”; what was the woman’s mother afraid would happen?




    Japanese Latin Americans:



    ·         Why did the U.S. intern Japanese Americans from Latin American countries?





    ·         What happened to most of the Japanese Latin Americans?





    Click on the link at the bottom labeled “The Camp Experience” to continue.  Read the Overview page and click on the link labeled “Next Topic” to continue.



    Temporary Detention Centers:



    ·         Where were Japanese Americans initially placed following “evacuation”?





    ·         What kind of work did Japanese Americans perform at the camps?  How much were they paid?





    Permanent WRA Camps:



    ·         Why were the permanent camps located in isolated areas?





    Camp Life:



    ·         How did the permanent camps resemble prisons?





    ·         What impact did camp life have on Japanese Americans’ families?





    Questions of Loyalty:



    ·         Why was question 27 flawed?





    ·         Why was question 28 flawed?





    Tule Lake Segregation:



    ·         Why were people sent to the Tule Lake Segregation Center?





    Draft Resisters:



    ·         Why did some Nisei refuse to be drafted?





    ·         What was the penalty for refusing to be drafted?





    On the left side of the page, click on the link labeled “Military Service” to continue.





    Military Service:



    ·         Why would many Nisei volunteer to serve in the Army?





    ·         What distinction did the 442nd Regimental Combat Team achieve?





    End of Exclusion:



    ·         Why did the internment of Japanese Americans end?







    Extra Credit Opportunity:  Continue to explore this website by continuing on to the section labeled “Postwar & Impact Today”.  Write a SMACCS paragraph for each of the categories within this section.  For each accurate summary you will receive 10 extra credit points (max of 40 pts.).