History of Maryvale High School


    In 1960 a bond initiative was approved for $16 million, the largest ever for PUHSD.Three-fourths of the funds were dedicated to building three new high schools.Construction on Maryvale began on August 14,1961, using the same design as Alhambra created by architech Frederick P. Weaver which had just finished construction. John J. Dickmann was the contractor on the 56 acre campus and the school was built for $3.5 million.


    Maryvale High School began fall semester 1962 as a guest on the Carl Hayden campus. The school moved to the new campus on Feb. 4, 1963, with 1,812 freshmen, sophomores and juniors. Seniors stayed behind at Carl Hayden. The first year there were four administrators, 66 teachers and 12 classified personnel. Maryvale's first principal was Louis E. Burnett. The formal dedication ceremony was held on campus May 5, 1963, with Phoenix Mayor Sam Mardian giving the featured address.

    The next fall,September 5, 1963, was the first day of classes with all four grades and Maryvale was filled to the 2,500 student capacity.
    School Symbol: Panther
    School Colors: Black and Gold
    Founded: 1963

    Maryvale Principals:

    Louis Barnett    1962 - 1972
    David Goodson    1972 - 1979
    George Miller    1979 - 1981

    Wellesley Goodwin    1981 - 1987

    George Mannon    1987 - 1991

    Rene Diaz     Second semester 1991 - 1993
    Linda Goins     1993-1994
    James Sandoval     1994 - 1999

    Barbara Dobbs     1999 - 2003

    Phillip Verdugo     2003 - first semester 2014/2015
    Manuel Silvas second semester 2014/2015-2018
    Shakira Simmons  2018 - present
    Go Panthers! Fight for victory all the way!
    And we do our best so our team will win!
    We have the spirit that will show you we're from
    And when things look black we'll charge right back again!
    So guard the black and gold of Maryvale,
    And to her name may your aim be true!
    Go Panthers! GRR-HISS-BOOM-F-I-G-H-T
    Fight! Yes, fight for MARYVALE!