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Ms. Gilbert


Ms. Gilbert is in her 14th year of education and enjoys teaching but mostly enjoys getting to know and building a relationship with each one of her students.  She enjoys shaping the young minds of the future.  She instills in her students that their present situations and circumstances doesn't have to shape their futures and that they must take ownership of their own lives.  Her motto, " It's not where you come from that matters, but where you're going".  She personally understands the challenges that her students' face in this rapidly ever changing society both domestically and globally.  Ms. Gilbert believes that each student is unique in their own experiences but they each share a common goal and that's to better the future of their generation, generations to come and the world.  She has earned degrees at Grambling State University and Chapman University and is pending a School Guidance Counseling degree from Ottawa University May 31, 2017.