• THE DANCE MAGNET: The Dance Magnet at South Mountain offers 2 hour block classes giving students an opportunity for concentrated instruction in modern, ballet, and jazz techniques.  This gives students a strong technical foundation to pursue any style of dance.  Students also study improvisation and choreography, anatomy, dance production, history and theory.  We focus on students developing as creative dance artists, acquiring technical dance skills and an understanding of the art and craft of choreography.  Our students study in a professional environment and are prepared to go on to study dance at the college level.
    OTHER CLASSES: The dance program also offers two beginning dance classes for students who are not enrolled in the Dance Magnet Program.  These dance classes are available to students enrolled in other magnet programs at South or students who are interested in dance as an elective.  Students who are interested in further study in dance are encouraged to enroll in the Dance Magnet.
    PERFORMANCES:  The Dance Magnet sponsors two full length concerts each year which feature faculty, guest and student choreography. Students in Conservatory Intermediate, Advanced, and Company Dance perform in the fall concert which is usually in mid-November.  Our spring concert which is usually held in mid-April is a department wide concert.  Students in all of our dance classes, both magnet and non-magnet, perform in this concert. Beginning Magnet students participate in our December showcase along with beginning students from the other performing arts magnets.  This allows our beginning students an opportunity to share what they have mastered during the fall semester.  Our graduating seniors, along with seniors from the other performing arts magnets, share their accomplishments by performing in the Senior Showcase in May.  The dance company performs throughout the year at school events, dance festivals and events outside of school.
    REQUIREMENTS:  Students in all dance classes are expected to dress out each day in black dance pants, leggings or tights and a fitted black t-shirt or tank shirt.  They need to tie back and secure their hair and remove all jewelry.  Students are assigned lockers and locks to secure their personal items while in class.
    BEGINNING DANCE:  No previous dance experience is required for Beginning Dance or Conservatory Beginning Dance, but students should come with an open mind and a willingness to try new things.  Students in the beginning classes are encouraged to find new ways to move as they study beginning technique in modern, jazz and ballet, and improvisation and dance composition. Students gain a better understanding of how to move by studying the anatomy of the spine and hip.  They gain an appreciation for the art of dance by studying the historical origins of ballet, modern dance and jazz dance.  They begin to see what is involved in putting on a dance concert by studying dance production and by learning and performing in a class piece. The Beginning Magnet dance students are able to explore in more depth each of these topics given the 2 hours of instruction each day, and they perform in the Winter Showcase that is shared with the other beginning performing arts students.  Both the Beginning Magnet and Beginning Dance students perform in the Spring Concert.
    INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED DANCE: Students in the  Intermediate and Advanced Conservatory Dance classes continue to build on the training offered at the beginning level. Students in these classes study intermediate and advanced modern, jazz and ballet techniques. They continue the study of anatomy, dance history, theory, and production.  In addition they work in small groups to collaboratively choreograph dances which can be auditioned for inclusion in the fall and spring dance concerts. 
    COMPANY DANCE: Students in the Conservatory Company Dance class continue to advance their technical skills in modern, jazz and ballet. They also further their study of anatomy, dance history, theory and production. Each student is required to choreograph one piece on their own using dancers from the class that are assigned to them by the instructor.  In addition each senior in the class is required to choreograph a full length solo. The students apply their knowledge of dance production by selecting costumes and creating lighting ideas for the pieces they choreograph.  Students in Company Dance also have extra performance opportunities throughout the year.