• As District of Learners, we:

    ·        Believe that Arizona College and Career Ready Standards (Common Core) equip all studentswith the critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills necessaryto be successful in college, career and life.

    ·        Attend, engage in and implement learning opportunities inside and outside of the District.

    ·        Demonstrate leadership at all levels by actively seeking and sharing learning experiences.

    Literacy, Numeracy and Critical Thinking looks like:

    ·        Students engaged with increasingly complex text,extract and employ evidence

    ·        High level, text-based discussions in classrooms

    ·        Focus on process not just content using realworld applications

    ·        Create assignments for real audiences with realpurpose

    ·        Teach argument, not persuasion

    Focused Professional Development looks like:

    ·        Leaders at all levels are able to articulate what Arizona College and Career Ready Standards (Common Core) are and how they are implemented in the classrooms, at the sitesand across the District.

    ·        Elements of Arizona College and Career Ready Standards are known and practiced by all members of the learning community at all levels. 

    ·        Leaders at all levels adopt, provide trainingsand evaluate the utilization of instructional supports for Arizona College and Career Ready Standards

    o  Including but not limited to:  Thinking Maps, Common Core Habits of Mind,Depth of Knowledge, Reading Comprehension Strategies, etc.


    · Improves professional practice at all levels of the organization

    · Ensures quality and accountability with assigned roles and responsibilities

    · Identifies, celebrates and empowers leaders within the community

    Formative and Summative Assessments will:

    · Prepare students for State and National standardized exams

    · Inform instruction

    · Include text dependent questions , constructed response and real world performance based items

    · Allow opportunities for student self-assessment