• Races United
    Sponsor: William R. Bunstein

    Hello Everyone-Welcome to Races United!!!
       Races United is a club that works to increase the level of racial harmony on our campus. Every Thursday at 2:55 p.m. we meet in room 3018. Together, we strive to both better educate ourselves and others about the contemporary realities peoples of all races face on a daily basis. These ideals are accomplished through activities such as "Mix It Up". This is a lunchtime gathering once a year in which games and other activities are facilitated by club members in order to encourage T.G.B. students to interact with their peers, many of whom they have never socialized with before. Considering the fact that thousands of students attend T.G.B., it is all but inevitable that racial harmonizing will occur.
       We also participate in community service activities for the betterment of the greater Phoenix area. For example, during the Holiday season, we work with the Salvation Army by becoming "Christmas Angels". In other words, we raise funds in order to purchase Christmas gifts for some less privileged youth in our community. After the monies are raised, we go to Desert Sky Mall with gift requests list in order to make the holidays a special time for some wonderful children in our neighborhood.
       The goodness of Races United extends well beyond these two core activities. Besides having LOTS of fun, club members regularly develop the type of leadership skills that are critical when it comes to entering adulthood.
       So...considering the awesomeness that Races United can provide for any T.G.B. student, we STRONGLY suggest that anyone enrolled at Browne should "come on down" to room 3018 right after school on Thursday's and see for themselves what we are all about!!!