• Tina Witcher

    SpecialEducation Department

    Room Number – S16



    Practical Math 1-2

    1/2 credit per semester

    Prerequisites- none       

    Grade Level(s)- 9


    Course Description:

     Practical Math 1 Code 4467100

    Two-semester course, grade level 9

    This course is a graduation requirement for students whowill graduate

    under the Practical Strand Course of Study. It is anintroductory math

    course which emphasizes the development of functionalmath skills in

    the areas of: counting and cardinality, operations andalgebraic thinking,

    number and operations in base ten, measurement and data.



    Materials and Supplies:

    Text andworkbook – Basic Mathematics, Third Edition (books will be kept in class)Supplemental materials including interactive internet materials provided by theteacher. Student ID must be worn at all times. Student folders will be kept inthe classroom.



    North High believes that forstudents to pass the AIMs and to graduate that “all students must be ontime and attend all of their classes.” North High Students who have been absent more than 10% of the classperiods in one subject (12 or more absences) are at risk of not passing theclass according to District Attendance Policy and “Teacher’s Plan for Success”and will be placed on “Attendance Academic Probation.” Parents and students areresponsible for contacting the school regarding placement on “AttendanceAcademic Probation” in order to develop a plan with Administration and the teacherto avoid failing the class.  North Highwill provide attendance interventions and notification letters regardingstudent’s attendance.


    Tardy Policy:

    All students are expected tobe in the classroom when the tardy bell rings and in accordance with theteacher’s plan for success.  Students whoare tardy five (5) times in one week will be assigned after-schooldetentions.  Students who are not inclass by the tardy bell are subject to attend a Tardy Education Class.


    Grading Scale:                                

              100 – 90%: A:  Superior                            

              89 – 80%:   B:  Above Average                 

              79 – 70%:   C:  Average                   

              69 – 60%:   D:  Below Average                                                                  

              Below 60%:          F:   Failing                     



    Grades are based onindividual student basis and will comply with standards for grading referencedin the student’s Individualized Education Plan ( IEP). Participation andpositive attitude are factored into overall student grade. Students who areeager to learn, and are motivated to complete tasks to the best of theirability will be recognized. Grades will reflect positive effort in theclassroom.



    Title I Program: Academic tutoring and test preparation isavailable to all students. Additional support for passing classes andgraduating on time is the intent of these services.  Support through Title I funding is availablein the areas of: math, reading and English. If interested, please contact the Principal, Mr. Juan Aldo Nunez, orAssistant Principal for Instruction, Mr. Melville E. McKay, for additionalinformation at 602–764-6511 and 602-764-6539 respectively.



    Make-up policy: It is theresponsibility of the student to obtain missed work due to absences. Studentswho have an excused absence will have one day for each day missed to completework. Make up work may be decreased up to one letter grade for each day late.Phone calls to home will be made to notify parents of repeated absences andmissed assignments. Please note that some activities such as discussion andBellwork may not be possible to make-up. Seat time is essential in all classes.

    KKIS – The Keep Kids inSchool program has been established to assist students who may need extra helpin maintaining success in school.


    Students can receive help:


    Ask the teacher to set uptime for tutoring – which is available every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, andThursday 2:45 to 3:15. Other times may be established as needed.



    Discipline: Students areexpected to follow school rules and policies noted in the student handbook.Teachers may use discretion on consequences for some behaviors or infractionsof the school rules. These may include phone calls home, detentions, andreferrals to the Dean of Students. Cell phones and electronics such as IPODSare not allowed to be used in the classroom. This is a   campus wide policy. Confiscation ofelectronic devices may occur – parents will then need to come to campus toretrieve items.























    Plan for Success Statement– Student and parent to sign below.



    Student Name (Print)-----------------------------------------------------


    Student IdentificationNumber ____________________________



    Parent Name (Print)-------------------------------------------------------



    Parent Name (Signed)----------------------------------------------------


    Home Phone__________________________________________


    Cell Phone____________________________________________   


    Email if Available______________________________________





    Thank you,






    Tina Witcher