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    Be-a-Leader (BAL) is an organization that offers free support services to our students. The vision of BAL, like our school, is to help prepare students for life after high school. This organization offers free workshops to all students, all grades on Saturdays throughout the year. Topics cover reading transcripts, community service, preparing college personal statements, completing financial aid forms, applying for scholarships, preparing for job interviews and much more. (Click on links below)
    I am the proud sponsor of the Be-a-Leader Club on campus. Our BAL Club meets in my room, 5204, usually on Tuesdays after school. Stop by for further information on the club, events, workshops or simply to make new friends.  
    Upcoming Be-a-Leader FREE Saturday Workshops for all students. Topics include the following:
    -High School Success
    -PSAT/SAT and ACT 101
    -Urban Leadership
    -Community Service
    -Summer Leadership Opportunities
    -Cash For College (FAFSA)
    -Tour Your Future (Careers)
    -Your Big Pitch (Personal Statement)
    -Increase Your 'Likes' (Networking)
    -Senior Bootcamp (12th graders only)
    Upcoming Events for all students:
    -BAL Lock-in
    -Walk-a-thon/Taking Steps Towards College Success
    -College Shadow Week 
    -Career Shadow Week 
    -Family BBQ 
    Helpful Links:
    Be-a-Leader Calendar of Events and Workshops                                                                                               
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