• Education and Career Action Plan (ECAP)
    Your ECAP gives you a voice and a choice in personalizing your education around your interests, skills and aspirations. Highlighting the opportunities available to you during and after high school.
    1. Create an online ECAP portfolio on the career cruising website
    2. Complete a series of assessments and planning activities identifying personal/social, career and academic goals
    3. Review and reflect on your plan with parents, teachers and school counselors
    Click the icon below to start your ECAP portfolio:
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  • PUHSD Four Year Plan

    It is important that students develop a four-year high school plan that recognizes their needs, interests, abilities and objectives. Our school counselors are available to assist students and parents in planning or evaluating a program of study. Planning assures the student meets all requirements for graduation along with completing courses needed to fulfill specific career objectives, education, training or job entry.
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