• Spring 2015
       Welcome Back to Arduino!...  
    Keep up, so you can apply what we learn to your inventions and community service projects.
       Where were we?  
    Series and Parallel Circuits, Energy & Power calculations, Remember: WE DO THE MATH!
       We will compete again with FTC Robots February 5th-6th.  (Stugo Assembly Date?)
    All robots will need to be able to score balls during game play and adhere to all rules (including updates). 
    Fall 2014
    Tolerance and Statistics Practice
    Do questions 1-10  by next Wednesday August 13th.                                    Race2Achieve Field Trip Sept 25th
    Six Sigma Explained annotate byMonday August 25nd.                               Cascade Effect Robot Rules Assessment 1
    Karakuri: annotate packet
                     build model
    Race 2 Achieve: build mousetrap car by September 4th
                                baseline data collection
                                record data