• Ti Graphing Calculator Emulator

    Casio fx-9860 Emulator

    1.       Go to the Texas Instrument’s website:  www.education.ti.com

    2.      In the search box, type:  SDK

    3.      The item you want will come up: 2. TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus/ TI-73 Explorer SDK – click on this.

    4.      Under the picture of the calculator, click “Download.”

    5.      At the bottom of your screen is a “Download Item” list: Choose “TI-83+ SDK.”  Click on the blue hot-link.

    6.      Choose “save,” and save it somewhere where you can locate it later (maybe to your desktop?).

    7.      Go to where you saved the file (on your desktop?)  and click on “TI 83 Plus Flash Debugger.”

    8.      Go to “File” menu

    9.      Select “New”

    10. Select “TI 83 Plus Silver”

    *****10. Click the box at the top that is a 

                         forward arrow in a box ►

    11. The picture of the graphing calculator appears.  Use your keyboard and mouse to operate the keys on the calculator.


    The Casio fx-9860 is an emulator for the pc. While similar to the Casio's available on campus, it does have slight differences. 

    Once final note, the page is in Dutch, I suggest using Google Translate to translate the page.