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    Mr. Quezada

    Math Department


    (602) 764-6809


    Pre-Calculus Honors

    .5 credits each semester

    Prerequisite:   Algebra 3-4

    Grade level: 10-12


    Course Description:

    This course is designed to be a pre-requisite for calculus. Seniors may elect to take this course as a fourth year math course, if they are planning on taking calculus in college. This is an Honors class. Students are expected to be strong mathematics students. Subjects covered will include: Linear and quadratic functions, polynomial functions, inequalities, functions, exponents and logarithms, analytic geometry, trigonometric functions, trigonometric equations and applications, triangle trigonometry, trigonometric addition formulas, polar coordinates and complex numbers, vectors and determinants, series and sequences, matrices, combinatorics, probability and statistics, curve fitting and models, limits, iterated functions, and a small introduction to calculus.


    Materials and Supplies:


    ·         A folder or binder in which you will keep handouts, quizzes, reviews, etc.

    ·         A 1 subject notebook or loose leaf paper for classwork and homework.  

    ·         Pencils. Colored pencils and highlighters are recommended.

    ·         TI 83/84 model graphing calculator (recommended)


    North High believes that for students to pass the AIMs and to graduate that “all students must be on time and attend all of their classes.” North High Students who have been absent more than 10% of the class periods in one subject (12 or more absences) are at risk of not passing the class according to District Attendance Policy and “Teacher’s Plan for Success” and will be placed on “Attendance Academic Probation.” Parents and students are responsible for contacting the school regarding placement on “Attendance Academic Probation” in order to develop a plan with Administration and the teacher to avoid failing the class. North High will provide attendance interventions and notification letters regarding student’s attendance.


    Tardy Policy:

    All students are expected to be in the classroom when the tardy bell rings and in accordance with the teacher’s plan for success. Students who are tardy five (5) times in one semester will be assigned after-school detentions.


    Grading Scale:                                               

                100 – 90%:      A: Superior                            

                89 – 80%:        B: Above Average                 

                79 – 70%:        C: Average                             

                69 – 60%:        D: Below Average                                                                             

                Below 60%:     F:   Failing



     Grading System

    Each 9 weeks:

    Tests                               60%

    Quizzes                          20%

    Assignments                 20%

    ·         Daily Homework      

    ·         Participation

    ·         Notebook

    ·                         Projects              

    Semester Grade

    1st Term:                    40%

    2nd Term:                  40%

    Final Exam (CRT)      20%




    Make-Up / Late Work Policy

    All missed work is to be collected by the student. Additional tutoring needed to help with missed topics will be given upon request/need. Test makeups are due within one week unless other arrangements are made.



    Tutoring Times




    Monday and Friday

    Before school (7-7:40


    Tuesday through Thursday

    after 7th period (2:45-3:30)


    *If you are having trouble, ask for help, ESPECIALLY DURING CLASS. 



    Unless told otherwise, you must always show workIt is your responsibility to check your answers and to make corrections. The purpose of homework is to learn the material before test time!  If you chronically do not complete the homework, your parents will be informed.


    Classroom Expectations

    ·         Come in, sit down in your seat and start the bellwork.

    ·         Raise your hand if you have a question or comment.

    ·         Do your best.

    ·         Respect people, property and yourself.


    Electronic Devices Policy


    1. 1st offense – warning from teacher/staff member to put item away.  Reminder of school rules
    2. 2nd offense – warning from teacher/staff member to put item away.  Reminder of school rules

    Phone call to the parent/guardian  

      1. please let the parent know that the device will be confiscated on the next offense
    1. 3rd offense – Confiscate the device

    ·         Teacher will call security to have device picked up

    ·         Once it reaches the Deans office it will be locked in a secure cabinet

    ·         Dean’s office  will contact the parents

    ·         PARENTS/GUARDIAN will be responsible for picking up the device


    I have read and understand this Plan for Success for Pre-Calculus Honors and agree to follow it to the best of my ability to ensure my success in this class.


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    Parent Name (Please Print): _________________________________________________________________


    Date: __________________



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    Parent/Guardian Email address:_____________________________


    Phone number:_____________________________


    Best Time to Contact: _____________________________