• Name:  Ken Hyder
    Subjects:  English 3 - 4 (Sophomores)
    Degree:  B.A.E. Secondary Education - English; Arizona State University
    Email:  hyder@phoenixunion.org   and   hyderenglish8@gmail.com
    Room:  2215

    Need help with basic formatting in MLA?  Click on the following link:
    10-part Paragraph with Citations Outline:
    1. Topic Sentence
    2. Supporting Detail #1
    3. Text Evidence with Citation
    4. Explanation/Elaboration on Text Evidence
    5. More Explanation/Elaboration on Text Evidence
    6. Supporting Detail #2
    7. Text Evidence with Citation
    8. Explanation/Elaboration on Text Evidence
    9. More Explanation/Elaboration on Text Evidence
    10. Concluding Statement
    Sophomore English:
    City of Thieves entire book:  Click Here
    Period 3 Assignments due by the end of class on Friday:
    1)  Read Ch.19 from the link above
    2)  In a Google Doc, type a summary and analysis of Ch.19.  The summary of the chapter must be at least 10 sentences, and the analysis of the chapter must also be at least 10 sentences.  These are 2 separate paragraphs; one is a summary and the other is the analysis.  To learn how to write a summary and analysis, click on the following link:  Click here for summary and analysis instructions
    Also due by the end of class on Friday:
    1)  Your City of Thieves online storyboard.
    2)  Must be 6 separate scenes, with customized backgrounds and characters
    3)  Include some speech bubbles
    4)  In the description box, type the Chapter# and a couple sentences to explain your scene.
    5)  When you're finished, take a screenshot of your storyboard, then paste it to a new Google Doc and share it with me