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Recycling & Composting Coming to Bioscience

Hey Dragons! Big changes ahead...

The students pictured below make up the Green Leapers (L​eaders of Environmental Awareness and Protection), a​ ​group of senior girls​ ​on campus who applied for and won a $1,800 grant from The City of Phoenix Recycling Division to purchase zero waste supplies for our Town Hall and cafeteria.​ ​Starting in January, students and staff will dispose of their lunch waste differently: first by scraping uneaten food and paper into composting bins, then depositing recyclable plastic and metal into recycling bins, and finally any trash that cannot be recycled or composted. The Green Leapers will train the school in how to properly sort their items and will monitor the bins to ensure success.​ ​They already worked with the cafeteria staff to train them in how to discard waste from the kitchen. Students will then empty the bins each day into a special composting receptacle in the back of the kitchen, which will be picked up by the city of Phoenix every week.

Pictured left to right in the first photo are Alejandra Villarreal, Nancy Ochoa, Alicia Flores, and Griselda Solis.

Thank you for initiating, facilitating and promoting lasting change!

The Green LEAPers