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AzMERIT testing information

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Students in Arizona will continue in their third year of taking the AzMERIT, Arizona’s Measurement of Educational Readiness to Inform Teaching.  The AzMERIT was adopted by the State Board of Education to replace the AIMS Reading, Writing and Math exams.  The test measures student proficiency in the College and Career Ready Standards in the areas of Math and English Language Arts in grades 9, 10 and 11.  AIMS Science will still be administered and be tied to school accountability, but not to graduation.

Testing will begin on March 27th for Cesar Chavez High School Students.  Any student who is taking English 2, English 4, or English 6 will take the English Language Arts portion of the AzMERIT test that aligns with the appropriate English class.  Any student taking Algebra 2, Geometry 2, or Algebra 4 will take the Math test that aligns with the appropriate Math class.  It is extremely important that your student takes any assigned portion of this test.  Students will need to be in attendance for every portion of each test, in order for that test to be valid.  The test begins with the writing portion of the English Language Arts test and will be administered on March 27th & 28th within English classes.  The tests continue with two Reading portions and two Math portions that will be administered within the English and Math class time.  We will be on block scheduling this entire time.

Attached is the testing schedule for the AzMERIT, which will begin on Monday, March 27th and continue until Wednesday, April 12thPlease note that the Wednesdays of March 29th, April 5th and April 12th are not Late Start days.  Students will begin class at 7:30 AM those mornings.  We ask that parents and guardians take an active role in encouraging their students to be in class and on time for every testing day. 

Thank you, from the Cesar Chavez High School staff!