Mission: What is our purpose?   
To ensure the mathematics academic success of all Phoenix Union High School District students.

 E2      Equity and Excellence for all students

M        Motivate: “Turn on” our students to math- “Yes you can!”

A         Achievement for all:  Produce math competent students ready for college and beyond

T         Tools: Provide the tools necessary to optimize the math experience of our students

H         Higher order thinking skills:  Produce critical thinkers

The PUHSD Mathematics program, E2 Math goal is to excel in all areas of teaching and learning.  We strive to be the role model for collaborative learning, innovative technology and a commitment to continual learning.  Our curriculum is aligned with the AZ 2010 State Standards (Common Core State Standards) and is designed to prepare students for the AIMS graduation requirement and college and career readiness. Through participation in our math program, students are engaged in classrooms with teachers using best mathematical practices, which emphasize both conceptual and procedural understanding. Students become powerful mathematical thinkers who know how and when to apply the mathematics they have learned, in a wide variety of contexts. 

The following courses are offered at PUHSD: 

9th grade

Algebra 1-2 and Algebra 1-2 Honors

10th grade

Geometry 1-2 and Geometry 1-2 Honors

11th grade

Algebra 3-4 and Algebra 3-4 Honors

12th grade

Pre-Calculus 1-2  and Pre-Calculus 1-2 Honors 

Discrete Mathematics and Modeling 

Trigonometry 1-2

Principles of Math Technology

AP/IB Courses


IB Mathematics

AP Statistics

Math Enrichment

Introduction to Algebra 1-2

Algebra and Geometry Lab courses


We also offer summer school opportunities for students to advance through the Math matriculation.  These include: Accelerate to Calculus, CCA: Connect to College Algebra, and Intro to Algebra for incoming freshman. 

For more information, contact Laura Telles , Curriculum Director.