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About Us 2008-2015

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    Over the past five years, Metro Tech High School has moved from being a vocational school focused on entry-level work skills to an academic magnet school focused on excellence for all. Today we are a school that truly strives toward our mission of preparing every student for success in college, career and life. Here are some of the ways that we make this mission a reality:
    • We received a $900,000 grant from the Science Foundation of Arizona, establishing the Eco Tech Program, to embed more STEM and project-based learning into our practices. Our riparian refuge, our aquaponics system, our solar shade structure, and our campus orchard and garden offer tangible examples of sustainable practices and enhanced academic learning to include 21st Century skills that will be so important in professional, civic, and personal roles.
    • We are also a Beat the Odds school for the past three years because our results have been so significant and we exemplify the qualities that have been identified as highly effective in urban schools. Our successes include a data like these:
      • 98% attendance rate;
      • 87% graduation rate;
      • .4% dropout rate; and
      • 99% of our students have never had a serious discipline referral.
    • Over the past five years, our AIMS results consistently meet or exceed the state averages. Last year, 85% of our sophomores met or exceeded AIMS in reading.
    • Our ACT scores continue to increase each year and those scores are a key goal in our school improvement plan.
    • Over the past three years we have more than doubled the number of students taking AP or honors level math and science courses.
    • We have increased scholarship awards from $350,000 to 2.5 million dollars in three years.
    These results in our academics are supported and enhanced through our students’ participation in one of our 19 Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs. Metro Tech students are truly being prepared for college, career and life. Our students are thriving and the word is out. This school year we increased the number of freshmen we enroll 100 but still had a waiting list of 300 students at the beginning of the year. Metro Tech works because we believe every child can be successful in college, career, and life through committed and skilled teachers who seek and build potential for excellence in every student.