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    This is NOT a program to put you in the military


    As a JROTC cadet, you will be involved in one of the most interesting and valuable experiences of your high school experience.  JROTC will give you a chance to participate in your education and teach you to be a better leader and member of society.  This program provides you with tools and skills needed to succeed in high school, but far more importantly, these tools and skills will be useful for the rest of your life.IF YOU ARE HERE FOR YOUR FIRST TWO YEARS, YOU DO NOT NEED TO TAKE A HEALTH OR CTE CLASS, YOU CAN GET YOUR CREDIT IN JROTC. AS WELL AS SENIORS TAKE AS DUAL ENROLLMENT.
     Congrats to this year's Cadet of the Year Mario Castillo being the first cadet in the North JROTC program to be promoted to the rank of Cadet Colonel
                 2016-2017 Military Ball King Mario Castillo
     #2 in the district, #1 in your hearts!!