Counseling Department
 If you would like to meet with your counselor please 
make an appointment with Ms. Moreno.

 Sr. Office Assistant: Sandra Moreno (602) 764-9038

Student's have been reassigned by alpha according to la
st name. The counselors are not longer assigned 
per grade level. 

Please see your newly assigned counselor. 

A – C          Mr. Del Rincon

D-Ho          Ms. Daoust

Hu-Mi        Ms. Mendivil

Mo-Sam    Ms. Bundy

San-Z         Ms. Gard

ESS             Ms. Shew-Plummer

 Luis A. Del Rincon 
(602) 764-9031

Melissa Mendivil 
(602) 764-9035
Joyce Daoust
(602) 764-9034

 Melissa Gard
(602) 764-9030

Lisa Bundy
(602) 764-9033 
Heather Shew-Plummer
(602) 764-9032

 Elana Payton - IB Coordinator
(602) 764-9057

Social Worker: Heather Miller
(602) 764-9037

Intervention Prevention Specialist-Kristi Garrison

(602) 764- 9039