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    ~David Schwimmer


    Q:  What is the deadline for the IB application and can my student shadow or tour North before applying?

    A:  Priority application and admission deadline is , November 30th, 2018.  After that we will continue to accept applications unless/until we are at capacity.  All IB applicants will be contacted for an interview beginning December 3rd, 2018 .  Notifications of admission will begin to be sent out after student interviews which will beginning December 10th, 2018.  There are no shadow or tour opportunities for North High School prior to inital interviews but we will begin shadowing in February of 2019.


    Q: Do I students earn college credit?

    A:  Yes.  Acceptance and transfers of credit vary by college, but many do accept credits earned through the IB program.  Others will accept IB test results as evidence to award advanced placement.  As of August of 2018 an IB student at North could enter ASU with up to 34 units depending on their results on IB exams.


    Q: What is the difference between IB and AP?

    A:  The main difference is that IB is an entire program while AP is singular courses that are stand-alone.  IB as a curriculum is offered in over 140 countries; AP is offered by the College Board, an American organization. 


    Q:  Can a student be in IB and participate in sports/extra-curricular activities?

    A: Absolutely!  In fact, we encourage students to be involved, and participating in sports or club activities helps an IB student meet some of the program requires for involvement. 


    Q:  How is North’s IB program different from other local IB programs?

    A: Although all IB programs offer the same curriculum and assessment models, specific course offered may vary.  North is the second oldest IB program in the state and PUHSD Magnet program.  As a Magnet program, all IB fees are paid for by the district, and we provide free bus transportation within our district boundaries to and from North.  We are the only IB school in Arizona that pays all the IB fees for testing students.