Web Development

In this course students will study the technology, analysis and design of websites for the World Wide Web. The course will take a user centered approach to designing web sites. The course will focus on the entire lifecycle of a website, from the idea of creating a web site, through requirements gathering, conceptual design, physical design, testing and implementation.
Expect to learn:
  • Develop social networking sites and tools
  • Design and create effective and structured web pages
  • Edit digital images
  • Explore:
    • Content management systems
    • Blogging
    • Wikis
    • Mashups
    • Virtual worlds
    • Podcasts
Other Features:
  • College Credit and internship opportunities may be available
Career information for this industry:
  • Salary Range: $33,790 - $112,680
  • Education range: High School Diploma or Equivalent to Bachelor's Degree
  • Projected job growth: 20%
Statistics according to Bureau of Labor Statistics for Web Developers, Retrieved: 11/5/15

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