Engineering Sciences

Students will apply their knowledge of physics, mathematics and elements of design to solve problems. This course allows students to use sophisticated 3-dimensional modeling software to improve existing products, invent new ones, and communicate the details of the products to others.
Expect to learn:
  • Learn the engineering process
  • Use modern technologies to solve real-world problems and to complete engineering designs
  • Learn how to use advanced manufacturing equipment such as 3D printers, laser engravers, and other computerized manufacturing tools
Other Features:
  • College credit and internship opportunities may be available
Career information for this industry:
  • Salary range: $53,210 - $126,430
  • Education range: Bachelor's Degree to Master's Degree
  • Projected job growth: 5%
Statistics according to Bureau of Labor Statistics for Mechanical Engineers, Retrieved: 11/5/15

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