Culinary Arts

Students in Culinary Arts 1-2 will, in a laboratory setting, acquire hands-on skills and experience needed to demonstrate the application of creative food preparation. the focus will be on the development of food preparation skills required to be a success in the culinary and related industries. Other focus points include proper food handling, safety and sanitation, use of weights and measurements, use of tools and equipment, knife skills, culinary language terminology, ingredient identification and their function. Students will be required to comply with industry-specific personal presentation and dress code. Students gain valuable leadership and employment skills and receive opportunities for scholarships and community involvement by participating in SkillsUSA, an state and national career and technical organization.
Expect to learn:
  • Specialized cooking techniques
  • Hot and cold food preparation
  • Baking and pastry creations
  • Food service management
  • Menu planning
  • Catering
Other Features:
  • College credit and internship opportunities may be available for both 1-2 and 3-4 courses
Career information for this industry:
  • Salary range: $23,140 - $73,720
  • Education range: High School Diploma or Equivalent to bachelor's Degree
  • Projected job growth: 5%
Statistics according to Bureau of Labor Statistics for Chefs and Head Cooks, Retrieved: 11/5/15

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Schools offering this program:
Alhambra Camelback Central Chavez Hayden Maryvale Metro Tech North South

Schools offering this program for Dual Enrollment Credits:
Metro Tech