• If you would like to schedule computer labs with the IMC, please follow these procedures:
    1)  Install the lab calendars to your email.  Direction are provided for Outlook 2013.  If you do not have this version, please submit a help desk ticket to update your outlook calendars. 
    Click Here for Directions
    2)  When you find open dates that will work, email the following individuals to schedule the lab.
       -   Mr. Campbell:  Copper Lab, Mobile Cart A, Mobile Cart B
       -   Mr. Quiorz-Garcia:   Gold Lab, Turquoise Lab, Silver Lab, Mobile C, Mobile Cart D
       -   Mr. Simonson:  Use of the Library.
    If you have any questions on the process, installing calendars, or other issues please email Mr. Simonson, Mr. Quiroz-Garcia, or Mr. Campbell.